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We help you build competence, stay in demand and advance your career.

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Through our signature 3-step process of self-discovery, career strategy and accountability, we help clients reach their full potential in their careers and build the competence to stay in demand as they advance in their profession.

 We offer:

  • Coaching and Mentoring
  • Skill-building Workshops
  • Training on Career-focused topics such as salary negotiation, career changing, evaluating job offers and more!
  • Organizational training programs focused on diversity, equity and inclusion.

we're here to help you succeed!

Have we met?

I'm Shannon D. Smith.

HR Certified Trainer | Certified Career Coach | Talent Development Consultant

Like many women in similar circumstances, I found myself in a string of low-paying, stressful and dissatisfying jobs. I felt stuck and doomed to live a life of barely making ends meet.

Fortunately, I didn’t accept this as my fate and searched for a solution. Through coaching, mentoring, education and assessments, I transformed her work-life into the career of her dreams!

Now I am committed to helping women like me get the skills, tools and support they need to go from surviving to thriving in their careers and beyond!

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